Solutions Architect

We are seeking a skilled Solutions Architect to be part of our core engineering team, and help build and architect the mission-critical systems and processes that support Socialeads.

Our ideal candidate is a generalist and team player who can see the big picture, is concerned with the details, and is looking to make an impact. We are looking for a top engineer with ambition, humility, work-ethic, and an eagerness to learn - who has a knack for spotting inefficiencies, can help architect and develop scalable solutions, and considers themselves a craftsman in their work.

Socialeads technology
* Backend: C#, .NET Core, AWS, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Python
* Frontend: JavaScript, SASS, Knockout

* Implement features with high quality code that is readable, scalable, performant, and adheres to coding and documentation standards

* Collaborate and implement key facets of Socialeads processes, including scaling out the data management solution, micro-service architecture, message queuing system, and web environment.

* Meaningfully contribute to the product and backend systems by converting and implementing product ideas from the broader team, and also suggesting and executing improvements

* Assist and developing and integrating key enterprise security solutions

* Minimum of 3 years experience with .NET [Core], AWS, and C#.

* Proven ability to systematically design and implement unit, integration and automated tests

* An understanding of OOP, MVC, REST - and other general design patterns

* Comfortable learning new technologies and systems

* Strong communication and interpersonal skills

* Must be willing to work hours that overlap with Central Standard Time Zone (CST) each day

Nice to Have

* 5+ years of software engineering experience in our stack

* Experience with B2B multi-tenant systems

* Company is located in the Milwaukee area - remote work OK

* Experience with CI / CD

* Experience in Enterprise Security

Reach out to us at if you're interested.