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Unlock the power of your network.

Socialeads taps directly into today’s personal and professional social networks to find the right person at the right time to connect with.

See. Know. Connect. Close.

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Northwestern Mutual Reverse Pitch Winner

Socialeads wins Northwestern Mutual’s first ever ReversePitch challenge, garnering seed investment from NM and joins NM’s Innovation Lab.

The Story

Socialeads leverages social networks, data science and machine learning to help financial representatives find and connect with the right people at the right time.

Vast Amounts of Data

In today’s world, people of all ages are actively telling their friends, families and colleagues about just about everything.

Socialeads gathers vast amounts of social media data and uses machine learning and AI to see and know what’s happening in people’s lives.

There when it Matters

At each important milestone in one’s life, there are important financial decisions that can help secure a family’s future, buy a home, save for college, and plan for retirement.

Socialeads analyzes the vast data sets to provide insights that enable financial representatives to be there right when clients need them with just what they need.

Being There For Clients

Every minute of a financial rep’s day can be spent delivering everything that each and every client needs, just when they need it.

Socialeads provide automation tools that help financial representatives see their networks of contacts, know much more about each connection, and connect with them at just the right time in their lives.

How does it work?

Socialeads combines social science, data science and advanced technologies to see and know your personal and professional networks and deliver actionable insights right to your phone.

  • Social Science

    Socialeads captures social media content and analyzes for context, life events and personality dimensions.

  • Data Science

    Socialeads integrates digital marketing and CRM data for machine learning models that identify and rank top prospects, referrers and influencers.

  • Advanced Technology

    Socialeads chat bots and notification systems provide instant access to actionable data about people across the social network landscape.

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We're looking for talented individuals to help us build the smartest AI platform on the market.

  • Full Stack Developer UI + Mobile

    We're looking for a full stack developer, that has expertise in front-end and mobile development to help engineer a beautiful and interactive UI.

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  • Full Stack Developer Server + DB

    We're looking for a full stack developer, that has expertise in .NET server-side development, and databases at scale.

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