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Living in a digital world

In today’s world, people of all ages are actively sharing life events with their friends, families, and colleagues through social networks. Some of these events lead to buying a home, saving for college, and even planning for retirement. All require smart financial solutions to support their future goals. 

You Just married New job New baby New home


Life Event Signals

In real-time, you'll learn who's experiencing life-events and thinking about their financial well-being within your social networks.




We'll show you people who are most likely to meet and engage with you through AI-based personality and sentiment analysis.


Social Science

Analyzes social media content for context, life events, and personality dimensions.

Data Science

Integrates digital marketing and CRM data machine learning to rank top prospects, referrers, and influencers.

Advanced Technologies

AI chat bots and notification systems provide instant access to actionable data from your social networks.


My Socialeads experience started in the early months of 2021. My experience with the platform and their team has been spectacular thus far. I worked closely with Beverly Thompson, who was there for our team every step of the way. She communicated clear instructions on navigating the website, she was quick to respond to my questions. and addressed all our issues, concerns, and challenges we were presented with along the way. As of now, our connections have grown tremendously, and our network is filled with several opportunities for our team to explore. Our profile and connections wouldn't be where it is now without the help of Beverly. Their team is consistent with their flexibility and desire to help you, and the network expands daily without the need for you to constantly update it. It is the best platform to use when prospecting and saves you and your team a lot of time. If you are looking to expand your network, Social Leads is the right platform to use.

Giovanna Fussek

I've been working with Beverly on the Socialeads platform and have been so impressed by how far it's come. While there is no substitute for meeting someone organically in person, that is not the world we live in anymore. People are busy and connect with others through their social media - which is why I think this is so great. The capability this platform provides so much in the form of potential relationships. Beverly has been phenomenal at showing me how to find contacts in my target market, and then how to be even more selective about who I reach out to. Every meeting we have she gets me more excited about using Socialeads even more because she's got a contagious energy and a passion for helping professionals connect online. Through her commitment to making this process even better, I've been able to increase my at-bats in the marketplace. I had a tremendous meeting with a new business owner (and have a follow-up scheduled) because I caught him at the right place and time where he needs my help - all because his tweet landed him on my Socialeads feed and we struck up a conversation. Thanks for this opportunity and for constantly making it even more efficient and fun to grow my network! And special thanks to Beverly who helps me get results and is fun to work with.

Ben McKain

Socialeads has been a great tool to incorporate into the business. Everyone knows somebody we would enjoy connecting with. This tool helps identify those people we should be asking about, and with the rate this tool keeps evolving, it will only become a stronger resource within the business.

Shane Wohlschlegel

I have truly enjoyed using Socialeads and learning how it can help increase our leads. The team at Socialeads has been extremely helpful and responsive as we become familiar with the platform and everything they have to offer. We are excited to continue to use the platform and looking forward to seeing how this will help us grow our client list.

Marissa Jimenez



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